A boxed set of 80 cards with full colour guidebook. £31.99.

Amy Zerner provides us with reproductions of her beautifully crafted fabric collages and Monte Farber, her partner in business and in love and life, provides the text for this very attractive deck that highlights and encourages us to add creativity to our lives. Designed for a beginner or an experienced card reader, the cards can be used for oneself or to read for another person. The book includes information on how to use the cards which can be used alone or placed alongside a Tarot deck, such as The Enchanted Tarot or The Enchanted Love Tarot, both also produced by Amy and Monte. The Creativity Oracle can set a theme for a Tarot reading or used at the end of a reading for grounding. 

These creativity cards have a multi-cultural theme, across historical eras, and show images of animals, people, water, birds, fish, trees, dresses, hillsides, boats, eggs, tigers, butterflies and other motifs. In the book, are the full image, number, title and advice, plus 100 words of text meaning are included. You can choose one card to place on your mantle-shelf for the day, or a three-card Past, Present & Future spread can be used. Magic Maker Stepping Stones are 11 pieces of useful advice. 

Card Deck Reviewer: Wendy Stokes. https://wendystokes.co.uk.

Life Body Soul Spirit
Hi, I'm Lisa Ventura, and my blog “Life Body Soul Spirit” focuses on finding my authentic self through a journey of healing and recovery from narcissistic abuse and its associated trauma, complex PTSD and living with autism. It also focuses on how I work to improve my mental health on a day to day basis. This blog also aims to help you find peace, calmness and happiness in your life while we live in a busy and chaotic world.

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