“Life Body Soul Spirit” is an online magazine and blog dedicated to helping you find peace, calmness and happiness in your life while we live in a busy and chaotic world.  It contains articles, hints, tips and advice to help with happiness, positivity, mindfulness and your lifestyle. It is the place to go for insight, inspiration, help and information to help you tune into your life, soul, body and spirit.

We offer personal stories, practical advice and insights that we hope will speak to anyone looking to find peace and calm in their lives. This online magazine and blog is brand new, but over time will grow and become a go-to positive and spiritual resource.

Our Mission

To become and online guide to help people find calm in their daily lives, and encourage people to find joy in the little things in our everyday lives, appreciate and acknowledge them.

About The Founder & Editor

“Life Soul Body Spirit” was founded and launched by Lisa Ventura, a blogger and writer who has been through significant loss and trauma over the last few years. In 2013 she suffered the stillbirth of her much loved and much wanted son Francesco “Frankie” Enrico Ventura when she was 33 weeks pregnant, and she has had to live every day since then as an “empty armed mother” – someone who has given birth, but who doesn’t have any living children.

Following the loss of her son she also experienced every other kind of bereavement possible – her father-in-law in horrific circumstances, 2 close cousins – one who was only 57 when he passed away – her beloved German Shepherd Curley to old age and her beloved Aunty to dementia aged 83. She has also experienced emotional abuse and betrayal over her lifetime, and these experiences were the catalyst and helped Lisa form the idea for “Life Body Soul Spirit”. Lisa lives day to day by trying to do her best, to carry on despite everything that has happened to her and find purpose, peace and clarity in her every day life.

She lives in the Midlands in the UK with her German Shepherd/Husky cross dog Poppy and loves writing, reading, heavy metal music and anything to do with self-help, spirituality and self-awareness.

Contact Us

To contact the Editor and Founder of “Life Body Soul Spirit”, please email hello@lifebodysoulspirit.co.uk.